SMS Marketing


Sai telcom provides marketers a direct, cost- effective and personalized medium to reach the customer. The base required for SMS Marketing Mumbai is just the global reach of the Internet along with the growth of the mobile phone market only.

These days use of wireless device is at a rapid growth in India and has created an entirely new medium for publishing content.

Benefits of SMS Marketing Mumbai

  • SMS marketing is cost-effective
    A text message costs very few, because texts can be sent out in bulk and also minimum resources are required to communicate with your customers.
  • SMS marketing is immediate
    As everyone, everywhere is having mobiles in current days, so will receive your message in seconds.
  • SMS marketing is high reach
    Mobiles usage is seven times more in the world than there are internet access points.
  • SMS marketing is responsive
    SMS is a personal means of communication, there is a high level of attention for any text message received. By their nature, texts have to brief, so the entire message is usually read. A message has to be 'opened' even to be deleted. These factors induce an excellent response rate to a call to action.
  • SMS marketing is personal and discreet
    As messages are sent to individual mobile phones; they are seen as being aimed at that specific individual. Even bulk messages can be customized thanks to our mail-merge application. A one-to-one relationship between business and client is therefore created. SMS marketing is direct and private.

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