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Bulk voice calls, bulk voice messages, and bulk voice sms are one and the same. Outbound Call Service or Voice Broadcasting is a mass communication technique that broadcasts pre-recorded telephone voice messages to hundreds or thousands of call recipients at once. The technology has both commercial and community applications.

Users can contact targets whether they be members, subscribers, constituents, employees, or customers almost immediately.

Our systems can manage a database of phone lists as well as digitally-recorded phone messages. With the help of our web interface you can simultaneously broadcast thousands of phone messages. Also personalized information can be included in the phone messages by utilizing our text-to-speech feature.

Interactive voice broadcasting feature allows the call recipient to listen to the recorded message and interact with the system by pressing keys on the phone keypad. Our system can detect which key is pressed and be programmed to interact and play various messages accordingly. This is a form of Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

The actions that can be programmed include surveys, information confirmation, contact preference confirmation, or navigation through a phone menu. An example is automated phone surveys, where professional polling organizations place automatic calls to conduct surveys. Respondents are provided survey questions that are answered using DTMF-tone keypad responses.

Bulk Voice Call is a powerful automated tool which allows you to make thousands of automated Voice calls.

Voice Messaging is perfect for Organizations:

  • Send Important School Updates
  • Send Absence notifications
  • Remind colleagues of Conference Call or Sales Meeting
  • Announce Company News
  • Broadcast Emergency Alerts
  • Provide Appointment Reminders
  • Confirm Orders and Product Delivery Status
  • Recruit Volunteers / Substitutes


  • Send Phone Reminders of Event
  • Broadcast Weather-Related Cancellations
  • Inform New Venue or Time Changes
  • Provide Last-Minute Directions
  • Recruit Substitute Fill-ins
  • Replace Calling Trees
  • Obtain Quick RSVP Count
  • Find out Who Can Bring What
  • Make Quick, Instant Thank You Calls
  • Call for Lost & Found Notifications
  • Announce Event Follow-ups


  • Provide Hospital / Health Updates
  • Announce New Baby
  • Update Family while on Overseas Duty
  • Plan Parties and Family Get-Togethers
  • Send Marriage Wedding invitations / Reminders
  • Provide Encouraging Words
  • Recommend New Product / Service to friends
  • Broadcast Urgent Notifications
  • Tell people New Contact Details
  • Funeral Announcements

Voice Broadcasting Benefits

  • Increased Productivity
  • Steady Flow of Potential Prospects
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Response Rates
  • Improved Sales Volume
  • Widely Expanded Markets
  • Cost Effective Marketing and Client Management
  • Greater Control Of Your Marketplace
  • Timely Notifications
  • Record your own messages or upload recordings.
  • Tailor messages for voice mail or live-answer scenarios.

Our Bulk Voice Call solution allows our clients to focus their efforts on core functions of their business, not on maintenance of voice broadcasting equipment. Record a personalized message in wav file format, upload a list of phone numbers and send out thousands of calls in matter of minutes. It's just that simple to speak to your audience with our voice broadcasting software!

It has never been easier to boost response rates to a direct mailing, send customer reminders, or invite people to upcoming events. And that's just for starters how our voice broadcasting service can build your customer base, increase sales and improve your bottom line.

Bulk voice call feature
No Hardware or software to buy
Everything is done through our website! All you need is internet access and a phone and you are ready to launch your personalized broadcast!

Online Setup and Launch
Schedule your broadcast messages online through our easy-to-use web interface and voice broadcast software. You can start audio broadcasts right away or schedule them for a later launch time.

Easy Recording Options
With Bulk Voice Call voice broadcast software you can record your message easily through our dial-in message center. You can also upload sound files recorded via computer or in a professional setting to our message center.

Automatic Redial
Bulk Voice Call voice broadcasting software will automatically redial numbers that were not answered, not once but twice to ensure your voicemail broadcast is received.

Voice Broadcast Applications

Cost Effective
Personally reach your audience for just pennies per minute and you don't pay long distance charges.

Automated and Convenient
simply provide us with your telephone distribution list and your recorded message, and we take care of delivery and reporting.

Results from your interactive telephone surveys are immediate. Online reporting tools enable you to check the status of your broadcast and to instantly view the answers to your survey questions.

The Overdue Bills Reminder
Polite Reminders for overdue bills to customers, either one-by-one or all together for all Overdue Bills option to Select or De-select individual customers.

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